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The Anti-Racism Education Advisory Group comprises RSU 10 educators, school board members, parents, and community members who are committed to supporting and supplementing the efforts of the district to address racism and center anti-racism in its schools. Through advocacy initiatives related to policy, professional development, curriculum, and outreach, this volunteer group will help RSU 10 raise informed, compassionate, and anti-racist citizens.


The Anti-Racism Education Advisory Group defines racism as racial prejudice that is “institutional, structural, and systemic.” We understand racism not only as the prejudiced thoughts and actions of the individual, but as the systems and institutions in place that directly and indirectly enable and uphold racial inequity. As Ibram X. Kendi said, “We are surrounded by racial inequity, as visible as the law, as hidden as our private thoughts.” This group recognizes that RSU 10 and its surrounding communities are not free from racial inequity; that it directly harms students, staff, and community members of color every day and reinforces systemic racism throughout the community. We seek to both dismantle the ideologies and practices that cause this harm and help design an educational system based in allyship and anti-racism. It is the work of the heart. The Anti-Racism Education Advisory Group commits to doing this work alongside RSU 10.


Travis Palmer

RSU 10 Alumni

RSU 10 School Board Member

Travis is a part of the Anti-Racism Education Advisory Group to educate students and adults about systemic racism and promote institutional change.


Adelaide Solomon-Jordan

RSU 10 Retired Educator and Historian

Adelaide has brought academic and lived experience to this community for 17 years. She is committed to working for the cause of racial justice in the RSU 10 community past her retirement through this group and in her life. She also serves on the board of the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine.

Boat on a Lake

Deb Carver

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Jeff Bailey

High School Technology Teacher Co-Advisor of the Civil Rights Team

Jeff believes that small rural communities like those in the Western Maine region have a responsibility to help prepare all students for a more diverse world and to ensure that all students feel safe, welcome, respected, and represented in their school and community. 

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Adelaide Fuller

RSU 10 Alumni

NYC Educator

Adelaide commits to furthering her own progress toward allyship and giving back to her hometown community by fighting for equity in its school systems.


Doug Barber

Teacher of Gifted and Talented in RSU10 

Doug is hoping he can make a tiny down payment on the debt of gratitude he has toward how Black folks have affected his life.

2020-21 MVHS School Pic-MaryG.JPG

Mary Gamble

Library & Media Specialist

Mary is here to learn and as a librarian wants to help others learn through good sources of information. A good friend to this group says it is "about heart." Mary can't sum it up any better than that. It's about heart; it's about love, and it's about treating others the same way you want to be treated.

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Taina Mirach

Special Education Teacher at Buckfield Jr-Sr High School

Taina joined the AREA to contribute to allowing all students to feel safe and celebrated at school.


Alicia Farmer

Music Teacher

Alicia has taught music in RSU10 for 20 years. She has been interested in equity issues since growing up outside of Washington D.C. in the 1960’s.  She believes that we must discuss the difficult truths of our past and present with our students. Alicia joined the Western Maine AREA to advocate for students of color, to help increase awareness of racism, and to find ways to educate our community.


Chris Ford

Special Education Ed Tech at Mountain Valley High School

Chris is a Special Education Ed Tech for RSU 10.  She became involved in the fight for racial justice as a result of her experiences raising black children.

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