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Lesson Plans and Activities

Because it only works if we work together.


Big Bed For Little Snow

Grace Lin

GOAL: To recognize that each child has the power to create change through the eyes of a young Asian American

INVOLVES: Interactive Read-Aloud, Arts + Crafts, Science

Cultural Relevancy in the Cafeteria

This lesson seeks to open students’ eyes to the variety of experiences that they and their classmates have at lunchtime. Students learn about the dietary guidelines of various ethnic and religious groups and then analyze their cafeteria's food offerings.



Oge Mora

GOAL: To center Black joy, love, creativity, and resilience

INVOLVES: Read-Aloud, Writing, Drawing

The Civil Rights Memorial

In this lesson, students will work from core readings and then apply creative and critical thinking skills to design a monument for one of these later movements.


You Hold Me Up

Monique Gray-Smith

GOAL: To celebrate Indigenous people, learn and talk about spreading kindness, and learn Indigenous words and phrases

INVOLVES: Read-Aloud, Discussion, Writing, Group or Partner Activities

The Message of Music


This lesson challenges students to analyze and to reflect on messages presented in songs — and to express their own views about important issues addressed in some songs.


Poet: The Remarkable Story of George Moses Horton

Don Tate

GOAL: To understand the historical significance of resistance and describe the definition of “freedom.” 

INVOLVES:  Read-Aloud, Discussion, Writing Poetry

Art and Activism


This lesson series capitalizes on children's natural relationship to art by prompting them examine the ways art relates to community leadership and activism. The lessons can be used individually or as a full series and are not dependent on sequence. 

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