• Adelaide Fuller

Black Student Caucus

Hosted by Maine Youth Action Network (MYAN)

You may remember our post about MYAN's Uprooting Inequities Workshop (way back on January 21st - scroll down if you haven't seen it/need a refresher on what they're all about!). We're so excited to share with you MYAN's 2021 Black Student Caucus, taking place every Saturday in April! In their words: MYAN is hosting a multi-day virtual caucus for Black Student Unions and Black students from across Maine. Each Saturday of the month (four events in total), Black youth in Maine will have the opportunity to collaborate and learn from one another and four incredible keynote speakers. See the flyer they've provided below for more information (registration has closed) Please share with anyone you think may be interested (or anyone who may know someone who may be interested!).

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