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Let's Talk Vocab!: A Western Maine Community Zoom Conversation

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

When we talk about inequity, it can sometimes feel like no two people in a room have the same understanding of the words we use. Maybe, in that figurative room, half of the people have never heard some of the language before. Maybe using words as simple as racism and anti-racism seems to instantly raise tensions. When we are not on the same page about language, it is difficult to have productive conversations - and it is difficult to mobilize and take action. It is therefore crucial to have a shared understanding of language about inequity as we learn, as we grow, as we advocate, and as we teach. On Wednesday, 5.26 the Western Maine Anti-Racism Education Advisory (AREA) Group hosted a Zoom call to talk vocab. The mission of this community presentation and conversation is to work toward that mutual understanding of language that is so important for positive growth and change.

Here is the slide show presentation shared at the meeting.

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