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We love a good resource resource! Thanks Maine Department of Education!

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

We're checking in with you today to share a great collection of resources put together by the Maine Department of Education. Over the last year, the DOE has taken some truly positive steps to demonstrate a support for anti-racist education initiatives, including making the following statements (quoted from the DOE website): We proudly and steadfastly support the educators and districts in Maine who are taking on the work of understanding and dismantling racism and inequity in our schools and communities. We urge all Maine schools and educators to accept their role and responsibilities in examining and addressing the inequities that have long existed in our society and institutions. Also as part of the statement there was a commitment to support:

  • Every educator in every role shares the responsibility for ensuring equity for every student and participates in equity education, both in teacher and administrator preparation programs and ongoing throughout their careers.

  • All academic and non-academic programming is culturally responsive and co-constructed with community members.

  • Reviewing your SAU’s Controversial Issues policy and best practices for engaging in discussions responsively and responsibly.

  • Expecting all school personnel to engage in professional learning about anti-racism and culturally responsive practices.

  • Reviewing and revising curricula and materials to ensure they are well-rounded, decolonized, and representing all experiences.

  • Establishing expectations that every student will achieve and is challenged with rigorous curricula.

We at the Department of Education (DOE) share in the outrage and frustration, and stand with those who are peacefully protesting and demanding a change. We believe in the basic human dignities that should be afforded to all people in our country. We stand with and for our many colleagues, students, and their families who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) around the state, and will do all that we can to fight racism and inequities, and to ensure they are safe and welcomed in the State of Maine. We affirm with you that Black Lives Matter. Also as part of the statement there was a commitment to:

  • Providing resources and encouraging Black History and Ethnic Studies in PK-12 curricula and decolonizing current curricula.

  • Honoring and celebrating all the languages, cultures, histories, and identities of our colleagues, students and their families

As part of their commitment to providing resources, the DOE put together these resource lists with "influence from Facing History and Ourselves Pedagogical Triangle and conversations with staff at the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine." Check them out!

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